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Corporate / Presenting Company FAQs

Deutsche Bank Securities appreciates your participation in our Technology Conference at The Bellagio, from Wednesday, September 12 - Thursday, September 13, 2018. Below is the registration and other pertinent information to help guide you in your preparation for the conference.

Conference Liaisons

Kristen Ruccatano is the Lead Planner for this conference. Should you have any questions or requests, prior to, during or post conference, please do not hesitate to contact her at +1(212)250-4661 (office) or at

Lily Chen is the Speaker Liaison for this conference. Should you have any questions or requests, prior to, during or post conference, please do not hesitate to contact her at +1(212)250-6145 (office) or at

Presentation Format

We will be contacting you with your specific presentation time in early July. This year's conference will follow a Fireside Chat format, however, if you have a specific message to deliver, we can accommodate presentations. Your company timeslot is thirty-five (35) minutes. We ask that you begin with a brief five (5) minute company overview ¬∑utilizing no more than five (5) PowerPoint slides. Following your company overview, your Deutsche Bank moderator will begin a series of questions that will be drafted and discussed with you prior to the conference. This will last for twenty (20) to twenty-five (25) minutes with an additional five (5) minutes reserved for audience Q&A. There will be no general breakout sessions following the presentations, only private meetings with investors.

One-on-One Meetings

You will have the opportunity to meet individually with leading institutional investors in One-on-One meetings. These meetings are in extremely high demand and we ask that you indicate on the attached forms, the time(s) you will be available for these meetings. Please commit to at least 1 full day encompassing your presentation time slot. Donna Lichvar is the primary contact for One-on-One Meetings. She will be in touch with you once we receive your registration forms to schedule those meetings. Donna will solicit interest from investors and will schedule your meetings in accordance to the times you have allotted as well as which investors are your priorities. We anticipate that the demand will be high for these meetings, so we encourage you to allow for as much time as possible to help satisfy those investors that are interested in meeting with your company. Each one-on-one meeting lasts for thirty-five (35) minutes. Donna can be reached via e-mail at

Corporate & Attendee Registration

Each individual participant from each presenting company is required to complete a Registration Form.


To webcast your presentation and/or fireside chat, please click the link:
All fees associated with webcasting are the responsibility of the company webcasting.  For any questions related to webcasting, please contact

Presentation Technician Contact Information

Upon check-in at the Deutsche Bank Speaker Registration Desk, you will be directed to the Speaker Ready Room to meet with our designated Presentation Technician, Harrison Grady. Harrison can be reached with any questions prior to the conference at


Members of the Press will not be invited to this year's conference.

Company Literature and Shipping Information

We encourage you to provide participants with handouts in conjunction with your presentation. Handouts may include hard copies of the slide/computer-generated portion of the program, annual or quarterly financial reports and/or copies of the prospectus for recent transactions (if applicable), etc.

Please send no more than 50 copies of all handouts to The Bellagio no earlier than Friday, September 7, 2018.

- Please attach the enclosed label to each box you will be sending.
- Please fill out the shipping information on the registration forms so we may track your shipments.
- Please indicate if the presentations should be placed in your meeting room, presentation room or both.
- As always, please discuss with your legal counsel the use of your presentation materials as handouts.
- Leftover Company literature will not be returned.

Please ship all literature directly to:

Hold for Kristen Ruccatano, 732-779-7287
c/o FedEx Office at Bellagio Las Vegas
3600 Las Vegas Blvd. South
Las Vegas, NV 89109
Deutsche Bank's 2018 Technology Conference

Please have your literature arrive no earlier than Friday, September 7, 2018.
Download Shipping Label